At Aspenäs Herrgård you live comfortably in a calming environment. Common denominator for all our hotel rooms is the homely feeling. Here you can fall asleep with the rustle of the trees outside the window.

The hotel rooms are located in the manor's four detached courtyards, all of which are located a few steps from the manor. We have a total of 112 hotel rooms, of which 68 are double rooms and 44 single rooms.

Manor package

Welcome to a table with a beautiful lake view and food prepared with a big dose of love.

Hiking package

Experience hiking in fantastic nature, good food and a good night sleep in our cozy rooms!

Bed and breakfast, Monday - Saturday

Welcome to a lakeside accommodation with beautiful walking paths.


The cigar scent lingers like a sweet mist in the room. 2 groups of 4 people each play the first round of the bridge competition. Choose a character and solve the murder mystery!

Climbing package

Experience an active sports holiday with us! Book now! Bookable dates are 15/2-25/2

Outdoor training weekend with Beatrice Otterberg 21-23/4 

Beatrice invites to fun-filled and fun training where everyone can participate regardless of level and background. Pack your training bag and come!